The NBA is Fixed and if you Deny it, you're an Idiot.

I've been a basketball fan since I was 7 years old. More accurately, I've been an NBA fan since I was 7. I can still remember being the only one in my household to watch Magic versus Bird in those great Lakers versus Celtics matchups. I was enthralled even as a child by the rivalry. That was a golden time for the NBA. But the fact is, that time also got the NBA addicted to stars.

The NFL, America's favorite sport, has great parity and a ton of relatively small market champions. (San Fran, Green Bay, Pittsburg, etc) Quite simply, this is because people will watch because of how competitive, interesting, and monumental the sport is. (I mean who is going to skip the Superbowl just because it's Seattle versus Pittsburg?) But the NBA was a struggling, almost bankrupt sport before Magic and Larry Legend came onto the scene, and it had it's second boom during the Michael Jordan era. So what happened? The NBA figured out that the sport flourished and made lots more money by having charismatic stars in large markets winning championships.

Fact: The Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics have accounted for 30 NBA championships and 47 finals appearances combined.

Fact: The next most successful teams in finals appearances are the Chicago Bulls, Philadelphia 76ers, and Detroit Pistons. The least successful teams in reaching the finals are Indiana, Dallas, Cleveland, Sacramento, and Utah.

Fact: There is one NBA referee who has admitted to fixing NBA games. (Tim Donaghy)

Fact: There is at least 1 other NBA referee currently being investigated by the FBI.

Fact: Tim Donaghy has submitted court documents and is risking perjury charges by claiming referees fixed game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Sacramento Kings. That game featured 27 fourth quarter free throws, the second highest total of free for a team in a quarter in NBA history.

Fact: Ralph Nader wrote a letter to the NBA asking for there to be an investigation based on the referees in that game.

Fact: Sacramento is the NBA's smallest market team. Los Angeles is the League's second biggest market and had 2 of the NBA's most marketable stars in Shaquille O'neal and Kobe Bryant.

Fact: 78% of people in the current ESPN poll believe Tim Donaghy's aligations of NBA game fixing.

Fact: The NBA lottery process is done in private.

Fact: NBA Officiatng crews aren't announced until game day. (you never know how a series is going to go and what games you'll need to fix, right?)

Now... watch a few things for yourself. Your eyes don't lie.


East Finals 2005: Miami Heat v Detroit Pistons

Western Finals 2007: Spurs v Suns

Western Finals 2002: Kings v Lakers

East Finals 2001: 76ers v Bucks


American Idol Auditions

As American Idol is getting down to the finals, I thought I'd repost an old classic. This is a news piece I produced with Ben Gleib, where we went to the local American Idol auditions pretending to be a news crew, with Gleib as our fearless reporter. It's a good one, so check it out.


Sneek Peek of the Melvins

Lots of you have been wanting to see the animated project I'm writing and creating. Well...HOLD YOUR GOD DAMN HORSES!! And if you don't have horses, then go BUY SOME GOD DMAN HORSES!

Or you can just settle for this sneek peek at some stills...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


What are Love and Happiness? Pt 1


Ok, pop quiz.

1. Pick one of the following...

a. a career with great achievements
b. an amazing healthy family
c. to be a billionaire
d. to live an exciting story filled life
e. to find the most amazing perfect love
f. to be absurdly happy
g. to know the answers to all the great questions

2. Rank these...

a. Justice
b. Happiness
c. Love
d. Faith
e. Truth
f. Security
g. Hope
h. Recycling
i. Orphins

Okay, h and i are jokes.

If I were completely selfish for a second, and didn't care about the impact I had in the world, then happiness would be my dominant value in life. What else could be more important to you as an individual then happiness. Truth can bring you misery, love lasts about as long as a bar of soap does, hope is simply wishing it was better, and if you have faith and a quarter then you have a quarter. Security is great, but if your rich and miserable locked up in house in the Hamptons, then life still sucks. And justice?... Does Walker Texas Ranger or Hulk Hogan ever really look happy? They have some weak sense of satisfaction, but that lasts about 22 minutes until next week when macho man kidnaps elizabeth or some evil sheriff tries to swindle friendly native americans. Look, the goods in life is happiness. That's what it is all about. We all get the same hours in a day, but we don't all get the same enjoyment out of a day.

SO HOW DO I ENJOY LIFE MORE??? You ask almost falling right off the edge of your blog reading seat!!!....

Fuck if I know.
(But i will try to bullshit an answer in pt. 2...coming soon)